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���� Mighty Tree Ministries is an interdenominational ministry that was founded, through the call of God, in 1990 by Zack Reynolds. The name Mighty Tree comes from the first gospel song that Zack wrote. This song can be found on the "Glory Bound" album. Mighty Tree Ministries is dedicated to bringing the word of hope and helping to set the captive free. Through song and the word of God, we travel first to the prisons and jails, then to the streets and churches. Thorough the unique style of Christian blues God is able to use this ministry to break down the racial walls that are prevalent everywhere. The music is also used by God to soften hearts and to prepare them for hearing the gospel.

���� Zack has been doing chapel services and concerts for seven years at CCA Correctional Facility in Nashville, TN. He also preaches and performs concerts at most all other correctional facilities, including juvenile centers, in the state of Tennessee. Zack Reynolds is a platform guest with the Bill Glass Weekends of Champions, which is the largest prison ministry in the country. He has performed an average of twenty weekends per year since 1997, singing the blues you can use in the prisons all across America. Zack has ministered in many churches around the country. His music videos can be seen on Music City Gospel Showcase, a weekly television show that airs nationally. He participates in various motorcycle ministries and events, street ministries, ministry to the homeless who whishes to sleep on a revivals and performs in coffee houses, among other events.

���� The ministry has seen thousands of souls come to the Lord. It is our belief that God is leading us to a new level of full-time ministry, but we realize that we cannot do it without the prayers and support of God's people. If you are a pastor, minister, or are involved in a prison ministry, please consider having us speak and minister to the prisons and churches in your area. Look at us as missionaries, coming to your town to work with you in evangelizing the largest harvest field in this country. We see an average of one-third to three-fourths of the inmates who come to our programs give their hearts to the Lord. Did you know that 80% of the men and women who are incarcerated in your prisons will be released? Within three years, those released will commit another crime and return to prison. However, we have witnessed a large portion of this 80% come to the Lord - their lives changed forever. They become citizens of God's kingdom, and therefore better citizens of your cities and towns. Please prayerfully consider being a part of this ministry, whether it be through keeping us in your prayers, giving financial support, purchasing our music, or by allowing us to come and work with you personally.

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